From Left to Right - Andrew, Allan, Chris, Kip, Steve, Ben Damo and Jess

It was the summer of 1970 when a boy was born. His father, an eccentric genius with a passion for engineering, politics and a better Australia. His mother, a nurse with a loving, caring nature and a never give up attitude.

The boy was Allan Morton, who spent 40 years building his life, running a “normal” business in the building industry. He married his true love, Debbie and was very proud of his daughter, Jess and his son, Andrew. But there was something missing. A love for his job was non existent, so at the age of 40 he along with his family decided to change the direction of the business.

Al’s Metal FX (AMFX) was born. Allan had inherited a passion for metal work, design and engineering that craved an artistic outlet.

Allan and his family live on a 10 acre property in Pearcedale Victoria, Australia. This is the playground of the mad engineer. The family has expanded to include, Kip, who along with Jess, runs the office. Al’s step dad Ron and alongside him Dom head the fabrication team with our newest member Brendan.

They are a very close knit team that love coming to work and get a bona fide sense of pride with every piece that is created.

AMFX stamped their name in competition power lifting with the Dominator, the Warlord and the Cobra. All are built to an exacting standard with an artistic flair and these have been said to be the best in the world.

In 2015 AMFX Metal Art released their Fire Pit. Again, to an exacting standard with an artistic flair, but it also had to be versatile. By design it is now a favourite for many, and has changed the mindset of the competitors in the fire pit industry.

The original AMFX fire pit is the one leading the way.

What’s next? Just wait and see!

From the mind of Al with his dedicated team that love their job, the possibilities are only limited by imagination.

Our Team

Meet the team at AMFX – 

Allan, Kip, Jess, Ron, Dom and Brendan make up the dream team here at AMFX. 

Read about us below to see why we have fun building you excellent quality custom art!




Allan is the owner and founder of AMFX Metal Art, he is known as the mad inventor who is happiest when building something new. Luckily his wife Debbie supports every one of his crazy ideas.



Office Manager

A close friend, Kip is in charge of the office. In her spare time Kip is an avid chicken chaser. She really likes the idea of a Man from Snowy River fire pit. Can someone please order it so that Allan designs it 🙂



Sales Manager

The eldest of Allans children, Jess has worked alongside AMFX since the start but only recently joined the team full time. Jess works to travel and is currently planning to drive Route 66 with Allan in a red 66 Mustang.



Head of Fabrication


Pit Master


Jack of all trades

Why You Should Buy Our Product

  • Unlimited Custom Designs

    Al’s passion is to get your imagination to come to life in metal art.

    We try our hardest to cater to any custom design thrown at us.

  • Heaps of Accessories

    If you have a Fire Pit you have a Grill and a Chilly bin!

    Check out our range of accessories.

  • Fire Pit and Chilly Bin

    Its our aim to give you a product you can use year round, a fire pit in the winter and a chilly bin in the summer.
  • Build With Passion

    Our dedication to be the best is what makes us strive for our products to be above the rest. We put in our time and love to bring you one of a kind Australian designed metal art.
Koroibete from Melbourne Storm and Al