Laser-Cut Fire Pits

Laser-Cut Fire Pits Your Way

Here at AMFX, we’re experts in metal art. Our designers use their imagination and premium technology and equipment to ensure our customers receive high-quality laser-cut fire pits every single time they place an order with us.

But, Laser-Cut Fire Pits. What Are They Exactly?

If you’re Googling ‘laser-cut fire pits in Victoria’ then you probably have an idea about what they are. That said, there is so much that goes into making these fantastic pieces of art, so let’s give you a quick rundown.

Laser-cutting involves using a, you guessed it, laser to precisely carve shapes, words, and symbols, into metal. It’s a safe, efficient and accurate machine that allows us to bring your (and our) imagination to life. Our designers digitally draw patterns and program the laser to flawlessly and intricately carve the fire pit’s metal. Additionally, the laser is extremely hot, but given it has to cut through metal, that’s to be expected.

Laser-cut fire pits are fantastic because the end result is sharp and accurate leaving you with a flawless investment you can be proud of.

If You’re Looking For Premium Laser-Cut Fire Pits In Australia, Look No Further Than AMFX

Releasing our first fire pit in 2015, AMFX has been making leaps and bounds in the metal art industry ever since. Dedicated to bringing our customers’ visions to life, our team of passionate metal artists tackle each job head-on. At AMFX, we not only love what we do but we’re committed to our customers, listening to their needs to make sure we get their laser-cut metal fire pits right the first time. So, if you’re on the hunt for attractive and durable laser-cut fire pits in Melbourne or anywhere else in Australia, contact the team at AMFX today and let’s bring your imagination to life.

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